Day Honey Should Be Taken To Increase The Body’s Immunity

The honey in the honey in the honey will dry the iron and put it in honey. It’s a little diluted. It should be used within two years. Unhealthy honey is thick, yellow. It is noteworthy that even if it is an annual account.
Alzheimer’s disease should be eaten twice a day before a meal. Half an ounce ginger with half a ounce Tea is a combination of ginger and blood in the morning.
honeyNeuronitis will be removed. Those who want to stay young and have a honey everyday. People with immunity in the body can have a spoon of honey daily. Warm, nausea, cold and headache are healed if you drink lemon juice with honey.

If you eat honey, egg and milk, you can escape from asthma. The honey and vanilla are mixed with the mucous body.

The morbidity will decrease. The body will be confirmed. One tablespoon of hot water, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey is ready for relief from heartburn, constipation and sneezing.

If you have mucus too often, you can get a little bit of turmeric powder and a spoonful of honey. Body slippers are perfect for the body to drink honey every day.

No matter what age you should not eat honey over a table spoon a day. Likewise, honey should be eaten.

If you add ghee and honey, it will become poisonous. Sometimes you can eat both of these when you eat. A portion of honey should not be added over a quarter of the stomach.



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