Krishnarjuna Yuddham Movie Review

Nani is going incredible firearms in his profession with consecutive hits. Next in line is Krishnarjuna Yuddham which is coordinated by Merlapaka Gandhi. The film has discharged today on a monstrous scale and lets perceive how it ends up being.


Krishna(Nani) is a joyful youth from Chittoor who experiences passionate feelings for Riya(Ruksar Mir). He invests quality energy with her and right when the couple acknowledges each other’s adoration, Riya disappears. Then again, some place in Prague, Krishna’s carbon copy, Arjun(Nani) is a pop artist who tries to charm Subba Lakshmi(Anupama). Annoyed with Arjun’s conduct Subba Lakshmi leaves to India however she too disappears when she arrives in Hyderabad. Rest of the story is in the matter of how Krishna and Arjun run into each other ways and locate their individual sweethearts.

Additionally Points:

Krishnarjuna Yuddham is a film which exhibits Nani as a total mass legend. He is excellent as Krishna and gives a great execution. The way he talked the Chittoor slang and concentrates comic drama through his character is great. The way his romantic tale is described and the way in which Nani plays out all his affection scenes with Ruksar is very intriguing.

Ruksar Mir looks not too bad and furthermore performs well in her part. Mahesh Vitta, who played Nani’s sidekick lifts great comic drama with his discoursed. His discussions with Nani have been displayed in a funny note.

The main portion of the film is very great with Nani’s two parallel tracks being displayed in a conventional way. Brahmaji’s drama is great in the main half and inspires not too bad snickers. Melodies are yet another in addition to point in the film as they sound well and have likewise been shot pleasantly.

Less Points:

Some intriguing sentimental scenes ought to have been included for Nani and Anupama’s track to improve things. After a thrilling first a large portion of, the film totally changes track and turns into a capture dramatization.

Despite the fact that the mass battles look very great on Nani, they have been extended a lot amid the peak. A melody that comes at a crunch circumstance in the second half could have been kept away from totally.

Additionally, yet another significant downside of the film is that there is no solid reprobate. A strong performing artist and a few scenes with both the Nani’s battling him out could have had a ton of effect.

Specialized Aspects:

Creation estimations of the film are very great as the town set up has been displayed in a superb way. The camerawork is alright as Prague and its surroundings are not used legitimately. Music by Hip Hop Thamiza is really great and his experience score additionally helps the film bigly. Exchanges written in the Chittoor slang are very pleasant and give a considerable measure of profundity to Nani’s part. Altering is entirely alright the same number of height scenes for Nani could have been somewhat trimmed.

Going to the executive Gandhi, he has completed a fair occupation with the film. He makes the main half very fascinating as his screenplay of portraying the two stories is great. In any case, things change from the second half as the engaging film turns into an anticipated grab dramatization with relatively few laudable scenes. There is no legitimate scoundrel and struggle point amid this time as things turn out to be simple for Nani who end things on a basic note.


All in all, Krishnarjuna Yuddham is an absolute Nani film from begin to end. Nani’s fame is in full stream as he turns into this mass saint who engages you with his capable execution. Great first half and great satire are fundamental resources of this film. In any case, the frail second half and an extensive runtime put breaks on the free stream of the film. As it is the Christmas season and remembering Nani’s eminent fever, this film ought to fulfill the individuals who are searching for a run of the mill popcorn performer this Christmas season.



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