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Amazon key: We all want to buy online. We are tracking parse online. But, at the time that someone is in the house! That’s the trouble. That’s why Amazon invented the solution. The same Amazon ‘key’

Amazon key

This is really good news for those who buy goods in Nantes. Because they’ve got to be ready home at the time they’ve bought online so far. It is time to wait for a few hours to get out of here. Otherwise, it is a danger to the neighbors to survive. Amazon announced the Amazon key to eliminate such difficulties. Walmart also has plans of this kind.

How does it work?

As part of the new system customers will get the Amazon key kit. This will have to pay a certain amount. The kit includes a camera and a smart lock. First set the camera camera on the customer’s residence. The smart clutch is connected to the door. To control both of these, the Amazon key


application must be installed on mobile. A system can be set up if necessary. When we buy the product, Amazon has to choose the key delivery facility. The Amazon Delivery window will be installed in the app four hours before the commodity arrives. When it comes to our parcel home, the thing will be sent to the customer’s mobile notification form. When a barcode scans the person on the parcel of the object, the smart door to the door opens and opens. Immediately after the door closer to the door, the smart door takes hold. This process is enclosed in the cloud of camera in the entire home. Customers can watch live on mobile. Or you can see the camera in the camera. This facility is available only in some parts of the US.

Doubts on safety ..

Some users are exposed to security and moral concerns about the entry of others while we are not at home. If the camera or the locks are not working with technical difficulties, what is the question? Amazon responded by saying that there were no such incidents in basic examinations. If anything happens to Amazon customer service, it promises to solve the problem as soon as possible.

In the car ..

If the customers want to keep the car in their car instead, then the car option in the Amazon key is selected. Vehicle model, number of other details should be entered. The amazon spokeswoman, with the help of the GPS, reaches the area where the vehicle is scanned and scanning the Dickey portion. After that the item will be smart. This facility, available in the US last month, is currently available for some model cars.

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