Ram Charan

We are very happy to have a program called ‘We We Like’ as ice host Lakshmi hosted on television. The reason for such a comeback is the fact that Snow Laxmi has been given to those in difficulties by working with the celebrities and adding more of the money he earned for doing that.

Many celebrities have already joined this event. Everyone has done so. Now Ram Charan is a mega power star. The episode involving Ram Charan will be telecast this Sunday. But Ram Charan has sold soft drinks for this event. If Ram Charan sells soft drinks, he has Rs. The producer Suresh Kondeti, who bought ice cream for 10 liters, said on Twitter that his latest comment on this program was through Twitter.

Ram Charan

Speaking on this occasion, he said, “I heard that Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao was saying that the rate for their coffee is high. Actually the film prices are very expensive. Recently I bought 10,000 pieces of ice cream. Very expensive!

But I did not suffer. Happy. There is a reason to buy ice cream because of ten finger. We are also distributing soft drinks by our Mega Power Star Ram Charan for the program fund raising, which is managed by Snow Lakshmi. I had ten finger and bought ice cream. We are so happy that we are also a partner in the event. “He said that he has collected photos of Ram Charan’s ice cream.

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